Patients Experiences

"Would just like to thank you so much for the treatment I received from you recently.
My shoulder has improved so much and I am finally off the blood pressure tablets as my blood pressure seems to have now regulated.

My general well being has improved and I feel much better in myself.
So thank you once again for your treatment and advice."

"As an Acupuncturist myself, I believe it's important to receive treatment. I choose Marcus as my practitioner because I find him very professional and he seems to understand exactly what I need when I go and see him. He has been my practitioner for the last 4 years and I throughly recommend him."

"Marcus is someone I recommend to all my friends who want to try out acupuncture. Reasons being that he is so gentle, he puts you at ease and he explains everything he is doing in layman's terms. I have been going to Marcus for over a year or so now with different problems and within a couple of sessions have found relief from pain. Marcus also does not rush his appointments. He takes his time. He is very passionate about his profession and is a very caring, understanding person."

"I was having daily incapacitating headaches with frequent severe migraine attacks. Acupuncture treatment has abolished the daily headaches and the migraine attacks are less frequent, less painful and shorter duration. Generally, my quality of life has improved significantly."

"I have been suffering from migraines for about 20 years and since having children the severity and frequency of these have increased. Before I started having acupuncture I was having 2/3 a week. I could control them with medication from the doctor but I was worried about the impact these drugs were having on my body. Since seeing Marcus my migraines have reduced considerably, the tension in my neck and shoulders, which contributed to my migraines, has now gone completely. I always have more energy after having acupuncture and feel more relaxed. I would highly recommend acupuncture for reducing the frequency of migraines."

"Migraines have been a regular feature of my life for the past twenty years and have resulted in many "lost" days. For the past ten years I have also been taking medication for high blood pressure which has precluded me from trying any of the stronger migraine relief products. I had resigned myself to a life with migraines when a colleague told me that acupuncture had worked for him. I do not like needles so it wasn't until I had suffered yet another severe migraine that I plucked up courage to make an appointment. I am so glad that I did. I am amazed and very grateful that your weekly treatments over the past eight weeks have kept me free of migraines, especially considering that this has also been an extremely stressful period at work for me."

"I went to consult Marcus for recurring headaches following an RTA 15 years ago. Using acupuncture and cupping gave instant relief and freedom of neck movements. I found this of enormous benefit.

Symptoms reported before treatment

Migraines started when she was a  dress maker in her 20's.
They can come at any time but especially at the theatre or when tired.

Tensions headaches for years after having whiplash in her mid 20's.

Bad headaches for two months, has 2 good days to 1 bad. Also has stomach aches and feels tight and swollen in the throat.

Migraines since secondary school
Recently they have been daily and has had to take time off work. Pain behind right or left eye and feels nauseous and sick

Had migraines since a child. The frequency fluctuates but since mid August they have been every week lasting 2 days. Pain stabbing throb, Distorted of vision, Up set digestion, Confusion, Flashing lights and

Headache and migraines for long time. Feels a burning in the back of the neck. 2-3 times a month and last 2 days.
Pain behind left eye for migraines. Pain in occipital area for headaches.

Migraines and hormonal migraines since 19 years. Used to be once a week but now feels they are always lurking.

Pain behind left eye and around whole head.

Headaches and migraines since April 2012. Has a constant nagging pain that travels up the shoulder to the occipital area. Feels hot, nauseous, with a ‘massive pain' over one eye which can travel to the other.



Re-occurring headaches for a long time. Pain and tingling on right side of head.

Symptoms reported after 5-10 treatments

Has had no migraines for 6 weeks despite going to the theatre.

Felt slight improvement but still has tension in right side of neck.

Headaches and throat much improved.


Have had no headaches or migraines for a few weeks. Recently had a mild migraine but ‘had not eaten the day before'.


Had no migraines for 3 weeks.


No headaches or migraines for 3 weeks. Headache 3 weeks ago was not as bad as before.

No headaches or migraines even with period.

Felt good looser in the neck and shoulder and no headaches.




No headaches for last five weeks only slight 'niggles'

" I have had acupuncture treatment for nearly two years now. On my first visit Marcus Senior successfully treated me for ________ ________ and _______ ______.

Since then I have received treatment for __________ problems, and this proved to be beneficial.

I am now being treated for painful _______ _______, and a painful ___. This treatment is also proving to be extremely helpful.

I would recommend Marcus Senior as he is professional, caring and calming."

"I first saw Marcus in 2007. I had been suffering from recurrent _____ __________ which had become progressively more frequent and more debilitating. I noticed immediate improvements in my general well being following treatment and have never had a _____ _________ again! I have continued to see Marcus for various ailments : back pain, low energy levels, headaches and always have excellent results. I have learnt over time that acupuncture can be of use for MANY health issues.

I  work shifts and find night shifts particularly difficult to recover from. I often became run down and unwell following these. I now have acupuncture the day after I finish nights and my energy levels return to normal immediately. I now rarely find myself having the coughs, colds and chest infections that I was previously so prone to.
I would not hesitate to recommend Marcus and his treatments."

"I suffer from osteo-arthritis of both hips, both knees, lumbar and cervical spine together with intermittent pain in both hands.

I have over many years found great pain relief with the use of  Chinese acupuncture - must  stress that I found no help from what is called Western Acupunture on the one occasion it was offered to me on the NHS.

I can certainly recommend anyone needing pain relief to consult with Marcus for professional and friendly help."

"After coughing for some six months or more, and having endless tests and diagnoses, ranging from infections to asthma and finally to  _____ ____. The treatment for _____ ____ was extremely harsh, in fact the treatment was for ant-acid. It resulted in constipation, diarrhea and to severe dizziness.

In consternation I turned again to my acupuncturist who diagnosed my condition to be a _____ _________ due to fatigue and kidney weakness. He also explained the important relationship between the kidneys and the lungs.
He recommended a regime of warming foods such as stews, soups, etc; warming drinks and keeping the lower back warm. No more cold foods from the fridge, no more copious cold salads, and certainly no cold drinks.
Four days in, the coughing has definitely improved. I will continue the regime, and be grateful for a sane diagnosis."

"Conventional medicine appeared to offer me very little relief from the sharp pain of osteo-arthritis in my hands. A friend persuaded me to try acupuncture and within a few weeks I had noticed a real difference. I now rely on regular treatment from Marcus to reduce the swelling and give me more movement and less pain in my hands and fingers. I have gone from being highly skeptical of the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine to something of an enthusiast!"

Martin Salter, Member of Parliament for (Reading West 1997 - 2010)

"I have consulted Marcus for several years for the treatment of painful arthritis symptoms in my hands and feet. For years beforehand I had very painful fingers, thumb and big toe joints which were steadily worsening over time. Symptoms were particularly bad if I had to carry heavy items or used a computer mouse for long periods of time. I could not use conventional treatments such as NSAIDs as I have asthma and these drugs bring on my asthma attacks. Initially, I consulted with Marcus for acupuncture weekly for a few months, then monthly till today. The treatment has been very successful. The pain and stiffness in my hands has improved significantly and my daily functioning has also improved markedly. The pain is now mostly mild and does not interfere with my activities. This is particularly important as my work is writing using a PC. I recommend Marcus heartily for people with similar problems."

Pete Blakeborough, Medical Writer

"I went to see Marcus about the _________ in my finger and because he works holistically he immediately picked up on the problems I have with my digestive system. My finger felt completely better after 4 sessions and I continued to see Marcus for help with my digestion. His treatment was very helpful and he gave me lots of practical advice on how to improve things. Thank you, Marcus."

"Having recently experienced some acupuncture treatment I would like it to be known what a difference it has made to me. I had been suffering from severely knotted muscles in the back; I had had physiotherapy for a while without any difference. Pain really drags a person down as we all know and it made me so unhappy and weak. In desperation I turned to acupuncture and in the early days of the treatment I thought it wasn't going to do anything for me.

I wouldn't give it up though and how glad I am that I didn't. I feel a different person in that I feel stronger because I have less pain and I can smile much more now. I have also cut down the pain killers which are wonderful, I wouldn't hesitate to have the treatment again."

"Doctors diagnosed that I had Cervical Spondylosis after I had an X ray. I could not sleep very well due to the feelings I was having in my head and neck.
My daughter in law advised me to try acupuncture and recommended that I see Marcus Senior, whom she was seeing.

Best thing I did because after a couple of visits the improvements were dramatic."

Roy Beasley, Reading

"I have been suffering with great pain in my neck for which I received physiotherapy, which did help, but then I decided to try acupuncture which was great help.

My main problem, which I have had for years, was the lower back. At times the pain was unbearable but after the treatment I received of acupuncture, I am now able to leave the pain killers.

For anyone suffering from head/neck or back pain, I would definitely not hesitate to tell anyone to contact Marcus at the Warr Clinic."

R.Davis Bunce

"Having required an alternative treatment for pain that was not based on tablets I found your advertisement for Acupuncture at my local Sports Centre and thought I had nothing to lose by giving it a try.

I was impressed by the treatment I received and continued, on a regular basis, for about 4 years after which I felt not only pain free but, also very well physically and mentally.

I have recently returned for treatment for pain in my hand and foot.

This shows that I have complete faith in acupuncture as an alternative treatment and would highly recommend your practice and your professionalism in your treatments."

Ann, Reading.

"I first had acupuncture in 2006 following a year of pain, emergency hospital admittances and a diagnosis of grade VI _____________.  I had a 5 and half hour laser laparoscopy in December 2005 and with the complications and pain that followed I decided that I needed to take control and do something positive.  Marcus treated me with acupuncture and a heat lamp and cupping.  Was it painful? I won't lie, yes at times it was but it was good pain and it wasn't as painful as the _____________! 

After my first treatment I slept like a log and had so much energy, more than I'd had in years and this continued to be the pattern following treatments.  My _______ gradually became less and less painful until I was getting through with no pain relief, a miracle considering prior to starting the acupuncture I was being admitted to hospital once a month and given morphine to get through! 

Anyway fast forward 6 months and I was pregnant, our natural miracle discovered the day we signed the forms to start IVF treatment. He was born the following year and after his birth the old ______________ pain started to return so I came back to Marcus and started monthly treatments.  Again my sleeping improved and I had more energy. 

In November 2009 I had a repeat laser laparoscopy lasting only an hour, as although the _____________ had returned it wasn't extensive and again I feel the acupuncture helped to keep it at bay.  I am currently 7 weeks pregnant with our second miracle, so lightening really does strike twice.  Marcus helped me at a time in my life when I was feeling very low and no longer in control of my body.  Since meeting him and having acupuncture all my dreams have come true...twice!

"I had a course of acupuncture treatment from Marcus last year for __ and found it helped to alleviate my symptoms appreciably.  His caring and sympathetic approach inspires confidence and promotes excellent patient/practitioner rapport. Consequently, I felt immediately at ease with him and, from the outset, trusted his advice, treatment and judgment. He is extremely well qualified and a very competent practitioner. If you think acupuncture is for you, Marcus is your man!

Joyce P, Caversham.

"Initially I was very skeptical about acupuncture. However, after reading an extremely positive newspaper article, I decided to give it a try. I have been consistently amazed at how effective it has been in treating my stress, depression and other conditions such as RSI and tendon damage, often with immediate effect. Therefore I would thoroughly recommend both Marcus and acupuncture to anybody; it is most definitely not a placebo, it really does work!".

I've been a regular __________ for over 20 years. Over this time I've tried every medical + herbal remedy available to cure what has been a constant struggle to deal with. Nothing has been successful, including some rather heavy-duty medication. I was recommended acupuncture after giving up hope and reaching the conclusion that nothing would cure this. Without exaggeration it has been a revelation. Within one session I got my first full _______ _____ in 3 months. Since then I have not missed a single _______ _____. I am a natural cynic who looked to acupuncture as a last resort. I would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone who suffers with lack of _____."

Craig Cusack.

"I have had acupuncture with Marcus for over six years, initially to overcome symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. These included poor sleep, fatigue, and muscular/ligament pains. I found that the acupuncture helped relieve these symptoms.

I have recently had cosmetic acupuncture with Marcus over a period of six months. This has improved my _____ _____, and given me a much fresher look.
I can highly recommend Marcus. He is a true professional, and a pleasure to be with."

"I had suffered from a ______ ________ for several months and had tried physiotherapy with little success. A friend suggested acupuncture and although I was skeptical I made an appointment with Marcus Senior. I have never looked back, my ________ is much improved and I am now able to move my arm without pain. I would recommend him to anyone!"


"After being in pain with a ______ ________ for over 18 months and having undergone Manipulation under Anesthetic, followed by 6 months of physiotherapy, still having stiffness and limited movement in my ________, my mother in law suggested I see Marcus for acupuncture.  Believe me, I was the biggest skeptic about acupuncture.  From the first consultation Marcus was professional and modest in a calming kind of way, having seen him now for a series of treatments, I have more movement in my ________ than I had ever hoped for. If I had known then, how great acupuncture is, I would have seen Marcus when the issue first arose and I would never have considered the surgery option. Thank goodness I took the initial step!"


Apologies for the ____gaps___ but we can not suggest that acupuncture can treat any condition that cannot be substantiated by robust evidence dispite the positive benefits patients have found.

Robust evidence can now substantiate:

Short - term improvement in the symptoms of overactive bladder syndrome (through electro - acupuncture at the SP6 point)
Short term relief of tension type headaches
Short term relief of migraine headache
Short term relief of chronic lower back pain
Short term relief of neck pain and chronic neck pain
Short term relief of temporormandibular (TMD/TMJ pain)
Temorary adjuctive treatment for osteoarthritis knee pain

We wait for more trials to lengthen the list, meanwhile see if you can fill in the gaps.